About Us

About Us

SVMI’s Leadership Team


David Foster, Founder and Partner

David Foster is the founder of the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI) comprised of over 160 member districts in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Besides the intensive work in California, SVMI consults across the country including New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia.  SVMI is affiliated with programs at University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University and San Jose State University.  David established SVMI in 1996 working as Mathematics Director for the Robert N. Noyce Foundation. SVMI developed most of the content (videos, POMs, MAC Toolkits, Coaching Materials, etc.) that is available on www.insidemathematics.org. David is the primary author of Interactive Mathematics: Activities and Investigations, published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1994. He was a Regional Director for the Middle Grade Mathematics Renaissance, of the California State Systemic Initiative.  David taught mathematics and computer science at middle school, high school, and community college for eighteen years.


Cecilio Dimas, Executive Director and Partner

Before joining SVMI as a Partner and Director of Innovation & Strategy in 2016, Cecilio was the Director of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) Initiative at the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE). Prior to leading the STEAM Initiative, he served as a mathematics coordinator at SCCOE where he supported districts in their efforts to implement the Common Core State Standards-Mathematics. He has taught at both elementary and secondary levelsSVMI has played a vital role in his development as a learner, teacher, coach, and facilitator. He enjoys working with students and teachers and believes that fostering the development of critical-thinking, collaboration and communication skills are essential for all students to have to thrive in our local, national, and global communities.


Tracy Sola, Assistant Director

Tracy Sola has been the Assistant Director of the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative since 2015.   Tracy has worked with SVMI to deliver professional development to teachers, coaches, and administrators since 2008, facilitating professional development experiences across the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, New York, Georgia, and Illinois.  Tracy also directed the SVMI LessonStudy Project for many years. On behalf of SVMI, Tracy collaborates with Arizona State University, The University of California, Berkeley, and The Shell Center, University of Nottingham, UK, in the development of electronic versions of mathematics curriculum.  Tracy coached K-8 mathematics and taught grades K-8 for 16 years.


Jenny Cheng, Math Coordinator

Jenny Cheng joined the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative as a Mathematics Coordinator in 2021. Prior to that, she worked as a SVMI consultant for several years supporting and providing mathematics professional development for educators across the state. Since 2002, she has taught in both public and private schools from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8. Jenny has worked as a teacher, supervisor, mentor, coach and coordinator in urban school districts, private international schools, charter schools and the county office of education. Both of her roles include supporting teachers as an instructional coach, designing virtual and in-person professional learning experiences for educators at all levels. Her pedagogical training is rooted in Project Based Learning, Design Thinking, and Complex Instruction. She is most inspired by the work around mathematics and social justice when working with classroom teachers and young people.